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Looking for at-home activities? Explore our FREE online resources supporting learning to inspire, educate and engage curious minds through science. Check out our library of DIY activities, virtual demonstrations, hands-on tutorials, and more. Try our experiments with your friends and family and share your results with us using #AzScienceatHome and #WonderWherever. We love seeing what you’ve created.

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Demonstration: Squid Dissection

Demonstration: Fire Tornado

Demonstration: Geology Rocks

Video Playlists

Facebook Live

Did you miss today’s activities on Facebook Live or simply want to re-watch your favorite episode? We’ve got you covered. Introducing our Facebook Live Playlist on YouTube where we continue our mission of inspiring, educating and engaging curious minds through science via virtual activities and demonstrations

Health and Wellness

Arizona Science Center is here to help you learn new ways to keep your family healthy and safe through the pandemic and beyond.

Science at Home

Science can be done in your own home! Check out our video playlist with fun and easy DIY activities from creating your own slime to creating your own hand sanitizer.

Sari on Science

Sari Custer is a life-long science junkie, and currently the Chief Science and Curiosity Officer at Arizona Science Center. In this role, Sari focuses on science communication to the public and serves as the media face of Arizona Science Center, including the video-based initiative “Sari on Science” which helps foster excitement about science in the world around us.

In The News

See the latest and greatest news segments! Sari on Science is in the studio to showcase DIY science experiments, updates about Arizona Science Center and more.