Sustainability Weekend

Sustainability Weekend at Arizona Science Center


See You Next Year for Sustainability Weekend 2024 | February 17-19, 2024

Discover how to live life more sustainably at Arizona Science Center’s Sustainability Weekend! From Saturday, February 17 through Monday, February 19, 2024 explore topics like food chains, how to reduce your carbon footprint, composting and recycling, the art of upcycling, and more! All weekend long, engage with hands-on activities roaming the Center and themed demonstrations.

All Sustainability Weekend activities are included with general admission to the Science Center. Additional tickets are required for the Irene P. Flinn Giant Screen Theater, Dorrance Planetarium, and featured exhibition. Children under 3 are always FREE.

Looking for more ways to live sustainably? Check out the resources below!

Citizen Science

Participate in Citizen Science! Head out to your local park, trail or even your own backyard to complete the activities in this interactive video. This video is in English.

¡Participa en Ciencia Ciudadana! Diríjase a su parque local, sendero o incluso a su propio patio trasero para completar las actividades en este video interactivo. Este video es en ingles.

Huella de carbano (Carbon Footprint)

¡Mide tu huella de carbono con esta sencilla actividad! Tome algunos marcadores y papel, luego siga el video. Este video es en español.

Measure your carbon footprint with this easy activity! Grab some markers and paper, then follow along with the video. This video is in Spanish.


Arizona Science Center's Eight Sustainability Tips

Want to learn how to make simple life changes to live more sustainably in 2022? Explore Arizona Science Center's Eight Sustainability Tips! From donating unused items or clothing to using reusable water bottles, these tips show that living sustainably is simpler than you think.

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Oil in water

Science at Home: Oil Spill Cleanup

Oil spills occur when waterways and oceans are polluted by an escape of oil. Accidental pollutions can happen from breaks in oil rigs and pipelines, or by runoff from cars, factories and farms. Investigate the ways that scientists clean up oil spills in the ocean!

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Nature Journal

Science at Home: DIY Nature Journal

Nature is all around us—all we have to do is take some time to look around! Park rangers, biologists, hydrologists, ecologists and more look at natural systems to learn how they change and if they're at risk. Grab a few materials, and find a good spot to sit to complete this activity.

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Science at Home: Zero-Waste Nature Paintbrush

Use nature's supplies to create a DIY zero-waste paintbrush! This activity can be done from your front or backyard, or head to a park or hiking trail. Zero waste objects are great for our planet and surrounding ecosystems!

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Plastic in ocean

National Geographic Kids: Plastic Pollution

Discover the impact of plastic in our oceans, and learn helpful tips to reduce your waste! Parents and educators, use this article to help explain pollution to your kids and students. Learn how to track the trash you toss for a week to add a fun challenge.

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Arizona Sustainability Alliance: Five Ways to Eat More Sustainably

The small dietary decisions we make every day add up over time, and this holds true for our environmental footprints as well! Discover five easy ways to eat with the planet in mind.

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