School Bus


Apply today for FREE bus transportation to and from Arizona Science Center

Thanks to many generous partners, Arizona Science Center is pleased to offer a limited number of bus transportation grants to Arizona schools. These grants provide free bus transportation to and from Arizona Science Center for Arizona students in grades K–8. Grants are awarded for transportation costs up to $1,000.

Grants will be awarded from each of three zones based on the distance of the school from the Arizona Science Center:

  • Zone 1: schools within 50 miles

  • Zone 2: schools between 51–150 miles

  • Zone 3: schools greater than 150 miles

Application Process


  • Teachers must complete the application and submit a transportation estimate or quote from the school or district transportation office.
  • Incomplete packages or packages received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Funded educators will receive a notification letter via their provided email address.
  • Awards will be announced monthly until available funds are exhausted.
  • Upon completion of the scheduled field trip, educators will need to submit a final invoice indicating the exact transportation cost, as well as complete a short field trip survey that will be emailed to them within two weeks of their scheduled field trip in order to receive funds.
  • Incomplete surveys or surveys received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • Funds will be released directly to the indicated school or district following the completion of the field trip survey and receipt of a school/district W-9 form.
  • Field trips using Fund-a-Bus grants must be taken by May 1, 2023
  • Grant funds are not transferable.

Field Trip Reservations

If you receive funding, it is your responsibility to make and/or cancel reservations for busing and the field trip to Arizona Science Center. Please book your field trip at least two weeks in advance using the Field Trip Request Form.

Field Trip Request Form | Learn More About Arizona Science Center Field Trips