Blue Crew at Arizona Science Center 

Blue Crew team members are stationed throughout every gallery in the Center, encouraging guests to experiment and explore, and leading hands-on activities.

The addition of the Blue Crew creates a new layer of accessibility for guests, with:

  • Live demonstrations
  • Tabletop activities
  • On-the-spot question and answer sessions
  • Free interactive science labs 

Become a Blue Crew Member Today! 



Hands-On Science Labs

Saturday and Sunday* | 11:15 a.m., 2:15 p.m.

Participate in a different hands-on science workshop each month with a member of the Blue Crew, our team of science interpreters!

Located in the Body Depot on Level 1.  Free to participate. Space is limited, arrive early. Pre-registration required. Sign up at Ticket Counters when checking in to the Center. *Some lab experiences have additional costs.



January 2020 | MindUP™ Lab

Explore the inner workings of your brain through a fun and interactive MindUP™ group lab experience. Learn how our amygdala, hippocampus, and prefrontal cortex work while you engage in hands-on lab activities, games, and more.

February 2020 | Sustainability Lab

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Learn about sustainability and ways that you can make a positive difference in our environment! Become an environmental crusader as you join us in this month’s sustainability lab. 

March 2020 | Dino Discovery: Geology and Plant ID

Discover the world of dinosaurs as we examine the past. Learn about prehistoric plants and the geology that started when the dinosaurs roamed. Brush up on your identification skills and explore our prehistoric journey!

April 2020 | Flower Power

Spring into April with this lab where we dissect a flower! Let your knowledge bloom as you learn about the parts of a flower and what they do. You will not be-leaf what you can discover!

May 2020 | Dino Discovery: Dig It!

Dig into the past as we uncover the mysteries of dinosaurs! Participants will learn about the field of paleontology as they reconstruct the world of the dinosaurs based on their findings at different “dig sites.”

June 2020 | Build a Battery

Ever wonder what makes your favorite toys and gadgets go? Get charged up for this hands-on lab as we build a battery from scratch!

July 2020 | Engineering Expedition

Up for a challenge? Join us in our engineering lab to put your creation skills to the test. Embark on an engineering expedition in our hands-on design opportunity. 

August 2020 | Heart Healthy

Feel the beat as we learn about the science of the human body! Your heart is a special organ that keeps your blood pumping. Get an up-close look at how it all works as we dive into a sheep’s heart, and experience some heart activities in action. 

September 2020 | Astronomy Lab

Launch into outer space with us, in this month’s astronomy lab. Join us for an out of this world adventure as we learn about the science of what lies beyond our Earth!

October 2020 | CSI Sleuths: Cold Cases

Investigate a cold case in our CSI Sleuths lab! Delve into crime scene investigation to learn some forensic tactics and put your crime solving skills to the test. Can you get to the bottom of this mystery?

November 2020 | Owl Pellets

Unlock the lives of owls by piecing together clues left behind in their pellets! Learn surprising owl facts and see if you can determine what the owl ate for dinner last night by identifying the types of bones found in the owl pellets.