Let's Make Some Noise

APS Solar Terrace, Level 4

Get your groove on and head over to Arizona Science Center to discover the science of soundwaves, music and vibration! Our newest exhibit, Good Vibrations: Where Science Gets Loud, is sure to hit all the right notes.

You’ll be pickin’ up all the good vibrations with our new space dedicated to unique tunes created by YOU with some of the most iconic percussion instruments:

  • Pentatonic Freechimes: There’s no wrong notes with these cheerful chimes! Simply striking the chimes will produce a harmonious melody.
  • Cavatina: Grab the music book and get to harmonizing! Learn how to play some songs you know and love on this easy-to-learn outdoor xylophone.
  • Grand Marimba: Looking for an instrument that dares to be dramatic? Pick up your sticks and experience the intense sound of these wooden keys.
  • Tubular Bells: Simple yet striking, you won’t just hear the music—you’ll feel it too! Bathe in sound as you direct the next beautiful tune.
  • Papilio Bells: With a name derived from its resemblance of its elegant shape to that of a butterfly, this sprawling instrument is big enough for up to four people to play simultaneously.
  • Rainbow Sambas: Get your hands in on the fun with this eye-catching drum set! Grab the whole family and get to playing soft, satisfying sounds.
  • Large and Small Babel Drums: Get ready to be hypnotized with the calming effect that these drums produce. Simply one strike and you’ll be entranced by its meditative sounds.


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Good Vibrations: Where Science Gets Loud is included with admission to the Science Center. Additional tickets are required for the Irene P. Flinn Giant Screen Theater, Dorrance Planetarium, and featured exhibition. Children under 3 are always FREE.