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Arizona Science Center and #SariOnScience are here to be your resource for bringing science to life at home. From crafts to experiments, we’re here to be your resource for fun science activities that spark curiosity and motivate learning! Materials are easy to find, most activities take an hour or less, and the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning is limitless.

Target grade level(s): All Ages

DIY Bee Buzzer!

Spring and summer mean warmer weather, and lots of sounds in the air! Bees, flies, and other pollinators are buzzing - this activity gives you an opportunity to replicate that! Make your own “bee buzzer” and investigate sound and vibration. Use just a few materials to make a spinning stick that buzzes as it vibrates from being whirled through the air!

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One popsicle stick
Two pencil topper erasers
One rubber Band
1 foot long piece of yarn

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1. Put one eraser on each end of the popsicle stick. 2. Tie the piece of yarn around the middle of the stick, and staple it in place 3. Stretch the rubber band over both ends of the eraser toppers (so it is stretched over the length of the popsicle stick) 4. Holding the end of your string, let the end with the popsicle stick and erasers hang, extend out your arm, and spin your bee buzzer!

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Guiding Questions

1. Does the sound change when you spin your bee buzzer faster or slower? 2. Can you make different “buzzes”? Use different size rubber bands, different lengths of popsicle sticks, or double your bee buzzer! 3. What other ways can you change the vibrations/sound?