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Through our partnership with, we are bringing high-quality, computer science-focused training to educators across Arizona.’s program supports K–12 teachers and principals in their efforts to develop the fundamental knowledge and strategies they need to create the next generation of coders. If you’ve ever considered teaching computer science or know other teachers who might love it,’s professional learning programs are an ideal place to begin. has helped prepare nearly 100K elementary, middle, and high school teachers to offer computer science, 98 percent of whom say they would recommend the program to another teacher.

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Computer science drives job growth and innovation throughout the economy and society

Arizona currently has 9,860 open computing jobs, almost three times the average jo demand rate in Arizona. Open jobs in computing alone represent more than $860 million in terms of economic opportunity for Arizona residents. 

Significant disparities exist between the need for building Arizona’s computer science (CS) workforce and access to CS education for students, and most notably for underrepresented groups. The biggest challenge in providing students with equitable access to CS is that there are still not enough teachers to teach it. The biggest misconception that schools and teachers have about teaching CS is that it takes years of preparation.



In partnership with, Arizona educators have the opportunity to take the first steps in bringing computer science to their schools. Check out our upcoming CS workshops for educators. 

What can you expect from a Workshop? 

  • Engaging workshop experiences 
  • Teaching and learning in context 
  • A collaborative, participant-centric approach 
  • One cohesive set of resources

Scholarships are available for computer science professional learning.



If you’re interested in supporting this or other professional development opportunities, please contact Tammy Stewart, Chief Development Officer, at or 602.716.2000 ext. 223.