Spiders, Scorpions and So Much More!

May 28, 2021 - January 2, 2022

Freeman Gallery, Level 1

This is not a typical “bug” exhibit.
This is a PEOPLE exhibit,
with some really awesome art and really interesting arachnids.

The Art & Science of Arachnids features 3 themed cubes which hold 100 live arachnids. The Science Cube discusses arachnids that are not spiders or scorpions, deadly spiders of North America, and arachnids in medicine. The Arts Cube illustrates the connection we have with arachnids in film, literature, and music. Various flip panels allow interaction with the guests. The Culture Cube highlights arachnid folklore and mythology, arachnid conservation, and arachnids as food. But the arachnophobes need not worry—you can enter without ever engaging with a live arachnid, but we bet you won’t want to miss them.

In addition, Guests can:

  • Weave their own spider web with Arachne a giant model of an orb weaver spider
  • Marvel at the macro photography art exhibition by famous German photographer, Julian Kamzol
  • Build a predator robot or a prey robot to explore predator/prey relationships
  • Conduct hands-on experiments in the Spider Lab
  • Relax with a good book in the Cob Web Corner
  • Learn about the types and properties of silk. Try on a Kevlar vest
  • Discover the adaptations of Fangs, Stingers, and Claws
  • Learn how arachnids grow
  • Assemble an Arachnid with large puzzle pieces while learning arachnid anatomy
  • Dance the Tarantella, an Italian folk dance
  • Control a video image of a tarantula and coordinate its 8 legs walking forward and backward, faster and slower
  • Compare your size to that of prehistoric and modern-day arachnids
  • Meet live arachnids in the Arachnid Arena