Solar Month


Arizona Science Center brings you “APS Solar Month,” an entire month dedicated to our Sun. The Sun is our nearest star and gives us light, energy and heat, making life on planet Earth possible. Investigate the Sun through hands-on activities, labs, demonstrations and your own experimentation with Arizona Science Center ​Team Members–all month long.


On-Site Activities

Join us for live daily demonstrations and activities that inspire, educate and engage curious minds! Times and activities vary daily

  • UV Awareness | Protect yourself from harmful UV rays. Find out what causes sunburns and how you can prevent them.
  • Solar Houses | Harness the Sun's energy to create an energy-efficient model home.
  • Solar Viewers | Look at the Sun without damaging your eyes. Learn how to create viewers that will help you safely look at the sun.
  • Solar Art | Use the power of the Sun to create a work of art that you can take home.
  • Solar Beads | Discover beads that glow when exposed to ultraviolet light, reminding you to put on your sunglasses or lather on the sunscreen.
  • Solar Ovens | Get cooking! You’ll use the Sun's heat to make tasty treats.

​All APS Solar Month activities are included with general admission to the Science Center. Additional tickets are required for the Irene P. Flinn Giant Screen Theater, Dorrance Planetarium and featured exhibition. Children under 3 are always FREE.

At-Home Activities

Check out our library of virtual demonstrations, hands-on tutorials, and more. Try our experiments with your friends and family and share your results with us using #AzScienceatHome. We love seeing what you’ve created.

Solar Energy Showdown

How can we harness the power of the sun to improve the lives of Arizonans? Learn about solar energy and how we use solar panels.