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Latest News

Illustration of a man sneezing

How ‘Superspreading’ Events Drive Most COVID-19 Spread

As few as 10 percent of infected people may drive a whopping 80 percent of cases in specific types of situations
A Woman having her blood drawn

Market For Blood Plasma From COVID-19 Survivors Heats Up

Representatives from all sides agree that the most pressing need is to increase the pool of COVID-19 survivors willing to donate plasma.
A Man Getting a Test in His Car

COVID-19 'testing blitz' begins in Arizona with some lines and not much waiting

For the next three Saturdays, several community providers will be participating in the AZ Testing Blitz–first weekend seeing little to no wait.
Woman being helped by doctors wearing masks

Here’s What Recovery from Covid-19 Looks Like for Many Survivors

Continuing shortness of breath, muscle weakness, flashbacks, mental fogginess and other symptoms may plague patients for a long time.
Map Infographic including data from BLM Events

Black Lives Matter protests did not cause an uptick in COVID-19 cases

Stay-at-home tendencies actually increased and the fullest look yet at the racial inequity of Coronavirus
Doctor measuring river water wearing PPE

The coronavirus may not have originated in China, says Oxford professor

Dr. Tom Jefferson called for investigation into the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in sewage, as traces have been found that pre-date China's first COVID-19 case.

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