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Scary Skelebrations

The Science Behind Halloween 

Monsters, ghosts and pumpkins—oh, my! Each October, Arizona Science Center takes inspiration from the ultimate fright night, exploring the science behind all things All Hallows' Eve. Join us for scary demonstrations and icky activities that explain the unexplainable. 

Continue Learning 

Whether you can’t wait until our next Scary Skele-brations event or you’ve already attended and want to know more, we’ve assembled some online resources for you to explore at your own pace—and peril. 

Demo: Making Sugar Snakes

The Science of Harry Potter

Why Do Scary Movies Give Us Goosebumps?

Science at Home

Arizona Science Center is your resource for bringing science to life at home. From crafts to experiments, we’ve got fun STEM activities that spark curiosity and motivate learning just about anywhere. All activities use easy-to-find materials and most take an hour or less to complete.

Apple Mummies
Apple Mummies

Discover how mummification works to preserve organic matter by mixing up a concoction similar to what the Egyptians used to preserve their dead.

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Candy Chromatography
Candy Chromatography

Learn the science of chromatography using colorful candy in this activity that breaks down candy dyes to show us the real colors behind the candies we love.

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