Welcome to the Arizona Science Center

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Astronomy Week

Come Stargaze With Us

Twice a year, Arizona Science Center takes to the skies—and beyond—to celebrate Astronomy Week. During these designated weeks, which take place every spring and fall, we invite Guests to explore with us the sun, moon and stars through special demonstrations and activities of astronomical proportions. 

Astronomy Week at Arizona Science Center is generously supported by the Richard F. Caris Charitable Trust.

Out-of-this-World Virtual Series

Watch these videos to learn about the different careers available in astronomy and the trends and topics scientists are tackling today.

Planetary Scientist Jim Bell

Come with noted astronomer, planetary scientist, and interplanetary travel guide Professor Jim Bell on a star-studded tour of what the solar system will have to offer as of the year 2218.

The Boeing Starliner Project

Starliner made history in December 2019 by being the first American-made, orbital crew capsule to land on land. Listen to two members of Boeing’s landing and recovery team discuss what it took to make it happen.

Aerospace Professional Kellie Gerardi

Join Kellie Gerardi, author of “Not Necessarily Rocket Science: A Beginner’s Guide to Life in the Space Age,” in an illuminating conversation about her experiences in the commercial space industry.

NASA Mechanical Engineer Aaron Yazzie

Originally from Holbrook, Arizona, get to know how Aaron’s journey landed him a job working at the nation's top space institution on the Mars Perseverance Rover.

Making Rockets with Sari and Astronaut Mark Kelly

This special Sari On Science video featuring American astronaut and U.S. Senator Mark Kelly teaches you how to make your own rocket! 

Science at Home

Continue learning at home with these fun, astronomy-themed activities. All projects use easy-to-find materials and most take an hour or less to complete.


Design a Space Helmet

Astronauts wear helmets in space to protect their heads. Can you design a “space helmet” that will protect an egg when it’s dropped to the ground? 

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Anti-Gravity Gyros

Explore the concepts of gravity and inertia in this experiment that involves turning a cup full of water upside down without it spilling!

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