Welcome to the Arizona Science Center

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Education Opportunities

Expanding STEM access across Arizona

Offering STEM resources and access to STEM education for all who want to learn—no matter where they live or their economic situation—is essential to our mission. 

And with the help of donors, partners and supporters, we can achieve this through two giving opportunities: 

  • Scholarships
  • Fund-A-Bus


Help students and educators get the opportunity to participate in Arizona Science Center events, camps, programs, professional development opportunities,s and more. 

Donations to the Science Center that are earmarked for scholarships fund STEM engagement opportunities such as: 



Help Arizona Science Center provide bus transportation grants to Arizona schools. These grants give free bus transportation to and from the Center to students in grades K–8. Grants are awarded for transportation costs up to $1,000, and within the following zones: 

  • Zone 1: schools within 50 miles
  • Zone 2: schools within 51–150 miles
  • Zone 3: greater than 150 miles

Stronger Together

Our commitment to providing best-in-class science resources to our community is our driving force—and your support is essential to our success. Consider donating today.

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