Meet the World's Largest Touring Tyrannosaurus Rex, Victoria.

Victoria, the largest Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton touring the world was on display at Arizona Science Center from November 16, 2019, until January 02, 2021.  Starting April 2, 2021, she will be on view at The Houston Museum of Natural Science in Houston, Texas.  Standing 12 feet tall, 40 feet in length, and featuring 199 bones, she represents one of the most significant discoveries in the history of paleontology. 

Victoria the T. rex was officially announced to the scientific community today as the second most complete T. rex skeleton on record. Initially unearthed outside Faith, South Dakota, in 2013, Victoria has undergone years of meticulous research and restoration in order to earn this claim. Victoria’s completeness and unique pathologies have provided paleontologists with a wealth of insights into the species that will be studied for years to come. 

“The discovery of Victoria has provided the paleontological community with a tremendous amount of new information. The various insights gleaned from her unique and groundbreaking pathologies will be the subject of research for years to come. From a bite on her jaw that led to an unusually widespread infection to an absorbed tooth in the maxilla, it is clear she overcame many rivalries and injuries in the struggle to survive as an apex predator.” – Heinrich Mallison, Lead Scientist