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On August 24, 79 A.D., the Roman city of Pompeii was frozen in time by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, burying everything in its path for more than 1700 years. The same ash and debris from Vesuvius’ eruption that destroyed the city also remarkably preserved it.

POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION examines life in Pompeii both before and after this eruption. Guests will travel back in time to when Pompeii was a bustling commercial port and strategic military and trading center. 

Exhibition Highlights:

  • POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION begins with a dramatic video that introduces Pompeii.
  • Guests then journey through the ancient city, where they encounter a Roman villa, a market, and the bustling streets of Pompeii.
  • From there, they witness the impact Mount Vesuvius had on this ancient city as they experience a simulated volcanic eruption in a 4D theater.
  • The exhibition culminates with the reveal of authentic full body casts of human forms, poignantly dramatizing the impact of the extreme heat and noxious gases that left them forever frozen in time.
  • A small, separate section of the exhibition features erotic art in a replica of a Pompeii brothel. Parental discretion is advised for this portion, which is not suitable for all ages.

Ticket Information:

Non-Member Pricing 

$11.95 Adult | $9.95 Children (3–17)

General Admission: Adults: $18  |  Children (3–17):  $13

General admission is required to visit the featured exhibition. 


Member Pricing 

$9.95 Adults 
$7.95 Children (3–17)

Arizona Science Center members receive FREE general admission to the Center's permanent exhibits. 


Free Members-Only Tours

Offered at 11:30 am and 2:30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays in November and December.


POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION requires a timed-entry ticket. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Guests can purchase tickets online or in person at Arizona Science Center. 

The exhibition runs from November 18, 2017–May 28, 2018.