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Welcome to our new resource and information channel

Explore our online resources supporting at-home learning to inspire, educate and engage curious minds through science. From lesson plans to interactive videos, activities to articles, we are here to keep STEM learning alive today, tomorrow and beyond

Our commitment to providing best in class science resources to our community is stronger than ever—and so is our unprecedented need for your support. Please consider making a donation today or becoming a member today.

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Facebook Live Schedule

Join us daily at 12:30 p.m. for our Facebook LIVE as we continue our mission of inspiring, educating and engaging curious minds through science via virtual activities and demonstrations.

How can you help?

Support Online STEM Education Resources 

Arizona Science Center is committed to our mission to inspire, educate and engage curious minds through science. As families are faced with providing educational opportunities for all ages, Arizona Science Center is here to help.

We are providing online STEM education programs including pre-recorded videos to be shown on demand with new videos added each day, live demonstrations at 12:30 p.m. daily on Facebook Live, and videos with hands-on activities for kids and adults.

Please consider a donation to support our daily efforts to create new virtual STEM education content that will be available to all for free. Thank you for your continued support, loyalty, and dedication to Arizona Science Center.

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