Monthly Events

Join us each month for special events, workshops and labs!

June 2018

Nikon Small World Exhibit
April 22–July 20, 2018

Included with general admission

Arizona Science Center will feature 20 prize-winning photomicrographs. The 2017 Nikon International Small World Competition recognizes excellence in photography through the microscope and showcases the top photomicrographs. These photomicrographs capture a glimpse of a world unseen by the naked eye, and may be of great technical significance as well as sheer beauty to contemplate.

Hands-On Science Labs
Saturday and Sunday* | 11:15 a.m., 2:15 p.m.

Participate in a different hands-on science workshop each month with Arizona Science Center’s Blue Crew, our science interpreters.

June 2018 | Busy Bones

Bones are much more complex than you might imagine. In this lab, you'll learn just how special your bones are by participating in a cow bone dissection.

July 2018 | CREATE (TBD)

August 2018 | Ocean Acidification

Why should Arizonans be concerned about the ocean? Learn about the impacts humans have on the world's oceans and how the ocean's chemistry is changing.

September 2018 | Zombie MD

Learn how scientists and epidemiologists track the spread of disease through populations. Can you track down Patient Zero before the "zombie infection" spreads?

October 2018 | Owl Pellet Dissection

Help us solve the mystery of the owl by piecing together clues left behind in its pellets! Learn some surprising owl facts and see if you can determine what the owl ate for dinner by identifying the types of bones found in the owl pellets.

November 2018 | Slime

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dive in to make your own slime!