Mission-critical initiative aimed at inspiring, empowering and encouraging interest in science and engineering among girls. 

There is a historic and continuing under-representation of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Jobs requiring critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration are growing, while at the same time there is a lack of available talent to fill them. Studies also show that girls are more engaged in learning when the content presented is both tactile and is closely tied to solving for a real-world problem or challenge. This framework is often lacking in today's classroom. 

Arizona Science Center's Girls in STEM program plays an important role in fostering a community of learners interested in pursuing science inside and outside of the classroom. Since 2013, Girls in STEM creates an empowering and collaborative environment for girls in grades 48 to engage with other girls and female mentors for a full day of hands-on learning. This year, the Center also has its first female scientist serving as Chair of the Board of Trustees, Barbara Lockwood, P.E. (Vice President, Regulation for APS). Thus, Girls in STEM is a strategic and mission-critical initiative under her leadership.


5th Annual Girls in STEM Event

October 27-28 camp-in!

Over 115 young girls took part in Arizona Science Center’s first ever, Girls in STEM camp-in! The theme for 2017 was focused on biology and biotechnology. The girls learned about how diseases spread, dissected a cow eye, extracted DNA from strawberries, and practiced basic suturing techniques. Over the course of the event the girls were encouraged to continue being curious, ask questions, and never stop wondering!

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Girls in STEM 2016 Recap

The theme for 2016 was focused on aerospace engineering. A total of 145 young girls were tasked with fabricating a rocket that could successfully take flight from our custom-made launch pad and were encouraged to use their experience from the day to remind them that they are today's learners and tomorrow's leaders in a world full of opportunities. View the rocket launch by clicking here.

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