You are the future generation of scientists and innovators in Arizona! The experience you will gain at AzSEF will be significant to your future education. Students will have the opportunity to be awarded with cash, scholarships, medals and trophies. The top awarded Seniors will also qualify to compete at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair! 

Student Schedule

Dates & Locations

Check-in & Judging: Phoenix Convention Center, West Building, Lower Level, Halls 1 & 2
Award Ceremony: Phoenix Convention Center, South Ballroom


Intel ISEF Summary of Rules Changes for 2017–2018
Intel ISEF Complete Rules and Guidelines
Senior (grades 9-12) SRC Division Rules and Form 2018
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Elementary (grades 5-6) and Junior (grades 7-8) SRC Division Rules and Form 2018

Please note: you must use the most current version of the AzSEF forms. Outdated forms will not be accepted.

Research that is approved through local SRC/IRBs or happening in formal research institution labs does not need to be submitted to AzSEF for approval. However, all approvals must be documented to ensure competition eligibility.


  • Only first place winning projects will advance to AzSEF. Students in grades 5–12 who have placed first at a school, homeschool, district, county or regional science fair are eligible to compete at AzSEF.

  • A maximum number of 12 entries per division will be accepted from each school in the elementary (grades 5–6) and junior (grades 7–8) divisions. To ensure the integrity of this rule, schools/fairs will be allowed to submit online one project per division level for each category. There are 12 categories for elementary and junior divisions.

  • There is no limit to the number of first place senior division (grades 9–12) projects a school can submit in any one category. 

  • In the event that a fair does not give place awards, it is the discretion of that fair director to send the project considered the best representative of the category selected.


In the event a fair does not give place awards, it is the discretion of that fair's director to send the project considered the best representative of a category

  • Senior Division
    • Arizona Science and Engineering Fair does not offer all categories that Intel ISEF offers. According to Intel ISEF Affiliated Fair Guidelines "Local, regional, state and country fairs may or may not choose to use these new categories, dependent on the needs of their area."
      If your project is selected to compete at Intel ISEF you may choose whichever category you feel your project best aligns.  Per Intel ISEF's website, "You don’t need to compete in the same category as in your regional or state competition. Furthermore, most regional and state competitions do not use subcategories."
  • Elementary and Junior Divisions


All school, homeschool, district, county, and regional fairs must be completed by March 2, 2018 so projects can be registered with AzSEF. No project registrations will be accepted after March 7, 2018.

Projects requiring scientific review committee/IRB approval must be approved before research begins.


The International Rules for Pre-college Science Research: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fairs is published annually to support students doing independent research safely. They are the official rules of the Intel ISEF and students competing at an SSP- affiliated science fair.

The purpose of these rules is to: 

• Protect the rights and welfare of the student researcher
• Protect the rights and welfare of the human participant
• Ensure adherence to federal regulations
• Ensure use of safe laboratory practices
• Protect the environment
• Determine eligibility for competition in the Intel ISEF 2018

Click here for specific updates for 2018.


All documents should be fully completed, signed, scanned and sent as PDF documents to:
Fax 602.716.2098

For questions regarding AzSEF, please contact or call 602.716.2000.

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