Our hands-on training is designed to help early childhood professionals make connections between STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and their work with children and families. Choose from a verity of topics that will enhance the learning environment like current research and best practices in teaching and learning science, or how to design and develop a science corner in a classroom.

Trainings are aligned with CLASS, NAEYC program standards, and Arizona Department of Education state standards promoting quality in early childhood programs. Participants will receive a certificate for professional development hours, relevant resources, meaningful materials, and the confidence to engage in STEM experiences with young children and families.

What We Offer

ECHOS - Early Childhood Hand-On Science

ECHOS®is a comprehensive early childhood science curriculum that was developed through a partnership between the Frost Science Museum, the University of Miami and the Institute for Education Sciences. 

The goal of Early Childhood Hands-On Science (ECHOS®) is to investigate science as a domain for enhancing overall school readiness and to demonstrate that very young children can learn fundamental science concepts and the process skills associated with developing scientific habits of mind.

The 36 ECHOS® lessons follow a project-designed learning sequence that provides teachers with a logical structure to deliver lessons that promote learning by thinking and doing. It combines direct instruction with guided inquiry-based science experiences and exploration.

The curriculum consists of 9 thematic units focused on life, earth and physical science, and are delivered over a 1-month period. Units are sequenced to present progressively more complex science process skills, and combine direct instruction with guided inquiry-based science experiences. Each unit contains an overview, teacher background, 4 lessons, and 12 integration activities. Read-aloud storybooks connect key concepts to unit themes.

Arizona Science Center supports Arizona’s schools and pre-schools with professional development and instructional coaching for the effective implementation of the ECHOS® curriculum.

Tinkering With STEM: A Playful Approach to Inquiry 

Join the fun as we create it, make it, revise it, start over, and re-invent!

We see tinkering as a fun yet serious endeavor—spanning many disciplines and content areas and fostering connections between art, science and technology. Learners follow their own path to understanding by investigating tools and materials and exploring questions that interest them. In this inquiry-based approach, learning opens up a wide range of possible answers rather than any "right" one.

This workshop will focus on 3 important aspects: activity design around specific materials, facilitation strategies and environmental organizations. You will also receive guiding principles to help you integrate tinkering into your pre-K through grade 3 classroom.  

For more information please contact:

Jamie Vought, Senior Director of Professional Learning, voughtj@azscience.org | 602.716.2000 ext. 24