Curiosity, wonder, amazement!  Young children are engaged by and welcome the opportunity to explore their world and confront challenging concepts in science, technology, and engineering.


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Explore birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals and learn about the awesome animals that live on Earth!

Is it a bird? Or a plane? No -- it's a cloud! In this program, participants will explore clouds! Come find out what they are made of, how they are made, and the cool things clouds do!

What does it take to be an astronaut? Hone your skills in reaction time, problem-solving, and communication as we learn about how astronauts prepare for space.

Let's get popping! Explore the scientific thinking process using bubbles. Observe attributes and actions of bubbles and test unique bubble wands.

Let's explore bugs and blooms! Learn about insects, buzzing bees, and how plants grow!

Go on a journey through space and learn about the many stars of the night sky. Learn about some of the most famous legends that make up the constellations we have come to know and love.

What does it mean to live in a desert? Learn about some of the plants and animals that call the desert home and explore the challenges that come with this fascinating world!

Explore paleontology as you transform into a dinosaur detective! Study Arizonan fossils, excavate dinosaur eggs and investigate the fossil inside.

An Imaginarium is a place to create, build and imagine! Navigate the nature of shapes, build your own vehicles and reach for the stars as we use the engineering process to make dreams a reality. Engage in engineering, connect with construction and discover the sky is the limit!

Use your five senses to develop slime!

Experience the magic of the Apollo 11 moon landing that happened 50 years ago. As members on this voyage together, you will explore all of the wonders of the moon and the journey that took humans from Earth to the moon and back again. Generously sponsored by the Boeing Company.

Do you like goopy, gooey substances that get all over your hands? Experiment with play dough and make galactic gak.

Messy science is the most fun. Continue our journey of awesome science, with more ooey-gooey activities. Make shaving cream rain clouds, experiment with foam, and take home your own lava lamp!

Explore frozen balloons, make snow dough and learn about Winter!

Create ramps and rollercoasters, ball paint, and make bouncy balls!

Design a helicopter and then create a flying machine!

Our sun provides us with light to see of course, but do you know our sun "enlightens" our lives in more ways than one? Check out this program as we explore the star that provides light, heat, and energy for our cozy planet earth. You may even be able to make a tasty treat by the time we are done! Available March through October.