Arizona Science Center’s educators come to your classroom live from the Science Center and lead students through workshops, activities, and demonstrations that feature some of your favorite STEM activities.

Welcome space explorers! Become an astronaut with us and design different rockets and explore forces!

What does it take to be an astronaut? Hone your skills in reaction time, problem solving, and communication as we learn about how astronauts prepare for space.

Investigate real-world chemistry as we investigate how to clean polluted water, and explore medicine!

We have a forensic file to explore! Investigate crime scene investigation and explore fingerprints, handwriting, and other evidence that might give us some clues!

  • Musical Instrument: Can you create your very own musical instrument? Use science to engineer music!
  • Parachute: Fall into an engineering challenge to create a parachute for a safe landing!
  • Lander: Join us in an out-of-the-world challenge to explore space as we design a satellite and lander!
  • Space Suit: What does an astronaut need to be protected? Design an impact-proof, waterproof, air-tight spacesuit!
  • Quake Proof Structure: EARTHQUUUUAAKE! Engineer a building that can withstand the shakes and quakes of the earth!

Use the Engineering Design Process to create a scribble bot!

Students will make a one-of-a-kind art project using motorized art machines while exploring the concepts of iteration and experimentation.

Students will learn about simple circuit and design as they create wearable fashion.

Learn about the basic principles of electricity and how circuits function by creating and designing a light-up greeting card.