Family Science Nights are two-hour-long sessions that are ideal for audiences of any age! They consist of hands-on exciting table-top activities that allow K-8 students and families to explore and learn at their own pace! Our Family Nights, while available during school hours, are designed for evening events or as an addition to your school’s science night.

Up to 2 hours


  • $400 for the first 2 hours
  • $100 for each additional hour

Special Requirements: Family Night programs require additional on-site adult volunteers, 10 large tables, and a gym or similar-sized indoor location.

Due to COVID-19, Family nights are temporarily suspended.

For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out a Reservations Request Form

Reservations Request Form

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Explore the science of the desert and the many plants and animals found in the state we call home.

Put your brain to use. Explore hands-on activities and puzzles that exercise different parts of your brain.

Get to know the ecology that surrounds you in various hands-on activities aimed to raise awareness about our environment and its inhabitants. Learn what it’s like to see like a bee, plant a pollinator garden, learn about various animal adaptations by examining various animal skulls, and much more!

Explore space with hands-on activities to learn all about the planets, stars, gravity, and even being an astronaut!

Family Engineering increases public understanding and appreciation of the role engineering plays in everyday life. It promotes creative problem solving, teamwork, and communication, as well as introduces families to the variety of exciting careers available in engineering.

Explore how things move and the forces that make them move in our Family Physics night.

Explore the science behind hockey. Dive into topics ranging from the physics of pucks on ice to the engineering behind hockey helmets.

PreK – 2: How can you bring STEM into literacy? Explore various STEM challenges that were inspired by popular children's read-aloud.

Sustainability can be defined as being able to meet the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. Learn about sustainable behaviors relating to energy and water use, trash recycling, and carbon footprints.