Arizona Science Center's Science on Wheels can visit your preschool site. We bring hands-on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) experiences that are aligned with Developmentally Appropriate Practice standards.
Each Preschool Science on Wheels program is designed for up to 25 students and is approximately 60 minutes per session. The cost is $200 for the first session and $175 for the second through fourth sessions (in order to receive the discount pricing for the second through the fourth session, you must book the same lesson on the same date).
For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out the reservations request form.

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We are going to have a blast! Using a rich scientific vocabulary, we will design, build, and blast off our own rockets using a specially engineered launchpad!

Do all animals walk on four legs? What makes a bird a bird? Explore the characteristics of different animals and the places they call home in this program that is sure to be a roaring good time.

Learn the four types of clouds by making your own cloud viewer then explore texture with cloud paint.

What does it take to be an astronaut? Hone your skills in reaction time, problem-solving, and communication as we learn about how astronauts prepare for space.

Let’s get popping! Explore the scientific thinking process using bubbles. We will observe the attributes and actions of bubbles, test unique bubble wands, and create gigantic bubbles large enough to fit a child inside!

Discover the important relationship between insects and plants. Learn about the parts of a plant, how to identify insects, and why insects are so important to plants. Then, create your own germination pouch to take home.

Learn about engineering, math, and architecture by designing structures that introduce us to principles of building such as following directions and persisting through challenges, defining tools and materials, and collaborating in groups.

Meet Kibo! Kibo is a robot that introduces young scientists to coding using wooden blocks. You’ll practice your coding skills and write your own programs. Plus, decorate Kibo to look like your favorite animal.

Join us as we go on a journey through space and learn about the many stars that surround us in the night sky. Children will learn about some of the most famous legends that make up the constellations we have come to know and love.

What does it mean to live in a desert? Learn about some of the plants and animals that call the desert home then create your own desert art masterpiece.

Explore paleontology as we transform into dinosaur detectives! We will study Arizonan fossils, excavate dinosaur eggs, and investigate the fossils inside. Learn about dino poop and piece together these pieces from the past!

When it starts to get cold outside, winter is here! In this program, children will learn all about winter, snow, and why things freeze. Through fun and exciting demonstrations with dry ice and hands-on snow-making activities, children will learn all about the winter season. (Available in December and January only)

An Imaginarium is a place to create, build and imagine! Navigate the nature of shapes, build your own vehicles and reach for the stars as we use the engineering process to make dreams a reality. Engage in engineering, connect with construction and discover the sky is the limit!

Get messy in this investigation into the world of preschool chemistry! We will learn about different properties making silly slippery science slimes, explore a humongous slimy eruption, and invent scientific goo to take home.

Experience the magic of the Apollo 11 moon landing that happened 50 years ago. As members on this voyage together, you will explore all of the wonders of the moon and the journey that took humans from Earth to the moon and back again.

Put on your sleuthing hat and keep your eyes peeled as participants will take notes and observations, check for fingerprints, and crack the case in this fun hands-on mystery!

Explore light and shadow through investigations using lights, mirrors, and color paddles.

Messy science is the most fun. Join our journey of mad science, with ooey gooey activities. Make shaving cream rain clouds, experiment with foam, and take home your own lava lamp!

Dive into oceanography and learn about all of the life beneath the surface. You’ll explore the different zones of the ocean and discover its beauty.

Get ready to put on your lab coat and hone your observational skills. Students will utilize their five senses to practice making careful observations. Will you be able to identify our mystery objects?

There's a science-and-math reason why that one song won't get out of your head. Learn more about rhythm and tempo. Students will make their very own instruments and write their own music using a xylophone.

Use the Engineering Design Process to create a scribble bot!

Our sun provides us with light to see of course, but do you know our sun "enlightens" our lives in more ways than one? Check out this program as we explore the star that provides light, heat, and energy for our cozy planet earth. You may even be able to make a tasty treat by the time we are done! Available March through October.

Explore the scientific relationship between gravity, force and motion through various hands-on physics experiments. Engineer ramps, test them in action, and make bouncy balls to take home!

Follow in the footsteps of Leonardo Da Vinci by designing and testing your own flying machines. Learn how to create soaring helicopters and experiment with how other objects fly in this gravity-defying class! Children will take home their engineered creations.