From the inner workings of our bodies to the edge of space, our Science on Wheels in-class lessons are developed to educate, inspire and engage your students. Our in-depth, hands-on, in-your-classroom programs consist of grade-specific content designed to meet Arizona State Education Standards and the Common Core.

60 minutes per session
Up to 30 participants per session

STANDARD PRICING (unless otherwise stated. Some classes may have an additional cost, which will be stated in program description):

  • $225 1st session
  • $175 2nd session
  • $150 3rd session
  • $150 4th session (A $200 savings by booking four programs! In order to receive the discount pricing for sessions 2-4, must be same lesson, same date)


For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out Reservations Request Form below.

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Office Hours: 9 a.m.–4 p.m. Monday–Friday
Phone: 602.716.2028
Email: outreach@azscience.org

Design, build and blast off your own rockets using a specially engineered launch pad!

Let’s get popping! Explore the scientific thinking process using bubbles. We will observe the attributes and actions of bubbles, test unique bubble wands, and create gigantic bubbles large enough to fit a child inside!

Discover the important relationship between insects and plants. Learn about the parts of a plant, how to identify insects, and why insects are so important to plants. Then, create your own germination pouch to take home.

What materials make the best bridge? Can you make a tower out of random objects? Complete different design challenges in this engineering extravaganza.

Meet Kibo! Kibo is a robot that introduces young scientists to coding using wooden blocks. You’ll practice your coding skills and write your own programs. Plus, decorate Kibo to look like your favorite animal.

Invention, design, and exploration adventure! Students will work together to design a ramp that will slow down a bouncy ball as it rolls to the end. They will use the Engineering Design Process to understand concepts such as simple machines, energy transfer, conservation, and forces.

Experience the magic of the Apollo 11 moon landing that happened 50 years ago. As members on this voyage together, you will explore all of the wonders of the moon and the journey that took humans from Earth to the moon and back again.

Put on your sleuthing hat and keep your eyes peeled as participants will take notes and observations, check for fingerprints, and crack the case in this fun to solve Arizona Science Center's mystery before it's too late!

Explore the physics of forces and motion. Use balls and ramps to learn how objects move.

Use the Engineering Design Process to create a scribble bot!

Our sun provides us with light to see of course, but do you know our sun "enlightens" our lives in more ways than one? Check out this program as we explore the star that provides light, heat, and energy for our cozy planet earth. You may even be able to make a tasty treat by the time we are done! Available March through October.

Explore the longest system in the human body: the digestive system! Learn about the journey our food takes through our body and how each part of the digestive system helps us get the nutrients we need to survive.