Invite your friends and family! Family Science Nights are ideal for large audiences of all ages. These engaging programs consist of hands-on activities that curious minds can explore at their own pace. While available during school hours, Family Science Nights are designed for evening events or as an addition to your school’s Science Night.

Each Science on Wheels Family Science Night is designed for unlimited participants and requires a minimum scheduled time of two hours. The first two hours cost $500, and each additional hour costs $100*.

*Discounted sessions/hours must be the same Family Science Night on the same day.

For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out the reservations request form.

Reservations Request Form


Combine STEM and literacy through engaging, hands-on challenges. Each activity is inspired by a popular childrens’ book.


Explore the amazing state we call home through hands-on activities. Observe desert animal characteristics, mine for copper, decorate a cactus and more!

Explore space with hands-on activities about planets, stars, gravity and being an astronaut—plus view space through telescopes!
*Note: the site must provide an adult volunteer to supervise the telescopes outside.

Put your brain to use! Explore hands-on puzzles, riddles and challenges that exercise different parts of your brain.

Channel creativity, problem solving, teamwork and communication through hands-on challenges, and explore the role of engineering in everyday life.

Build a tower, make a binary code bracelet, explore the planets, decorate a cactus and more! This Family Science Night combines elements of all the others.