We bring the science to your classroom! Science on Wheels Workshops consist of hands-on, grade-specific content based on Arizona State Education Standards. They are designed for a single class or similarly-sized group.

Each Preschool Science on Wheels program is designed for up to 25 students and is approximately 60 minutes per session. Each session costs $250.

For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out the reservations request form.

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We’re going to have a blast! Design, build and test your own rockets using a specially engineered stomp rocket launch pad.

Learn about some of the things that call the desert home. Observe real desert plants, rocks, fossils and artifacts, then create a desert animal and protect it from the sun.

Your head will be in the clouds as you learn about the water cycle, create clouds and observe a liquid nitrogen cloud in action.

Explore the scientific relationship between gravity, force and motion through various hands-on physics experiments. Engineer ramps, knock down bowling pins and make a bouncy ball to take home!

Pop! Mix up your own bubble solution, create and test unique bubble wands, and observe a giant bubble from the inside!

What can you build? Learn about engineering, math and architecture as you complete multiple building challenges—including recreating famous structures from around the world!

Meet Kibo, a robot that introduces young scientists to coding using blocks! Build and program your robot to complete a series of movements and sounds.

Join our journey of rainbow science as we mix up colorful art, color-changing chemistry experiments and make a lava lamp to take home.

Explore paleontology as we transform into dinosaur detectives. Piece together a skeleton, excavate a dino egg and create your very own fossil!

Winter is here! Learn about snow and ice, make your own snow, and observe one of the coldest liquids on Earth: liquid nitrogen.

Discover characteristics of insects as you observe live critters, “see” like a bug and build a terrarium.

Get messy as you investigate preschool chemistry! Learn about the properties of silly, slippery slimes and invent a scientific goo to take home.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? Learn how to analyze fingerprints and use detective tools, then use those skills to solve the cookie jar mystery!

Discover the characteristics of light and shadows by hunting for shadows, exploring light mixing and creating shadows with a variety of objects.

Use the engineering design process to brainstorm, build and decorate a Scribble Bot. What unique designs can your robot scribble?

Explore the star that provides light, heat and energy. Safely observe the Sun with solar telescopes and create art projects that harness its power!

Explore your favorite planets and stars in space! Learn how to use a real telescope, build a constellation viewer and see the Moon up-close.

Design soaring helicopters and test them out in our specially-engineered wind tunnel.