We bring the science to your classroom! Science on Wheels Workshops consist of hands-on, grade-specific content based on Arizona State Education Standards. They are designed for a single class or similarly-sized group.

Each Science on Wheels program for grades 6-8 is designed for up to 30 participants and is approximately 60 minutes per sessions. The first session costs $300, and each additional session costs $225*.

*Discounted sessions/hours must be the same Workshop on the same day.

For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out the reservations request form.

Grades 6-8 Programs Packet | Reservations Request Form


We’re going to have a blast! Design, build and test your own rockets using a specially-engineered stomp rocket launch pad.

Ready for launch! Design, build and test your own rockets using a specially-engineered stomp rocket launch pad.

Work in small groups to learn proper dissection techniques and etiquette to explore the anatomy of real specimens!

Please inquire about current availability for:
Squid Dissection | Additional $75 per Session
Cow Eye Dissection | Additional $75 per Session
Fish Taxonomy (3 Types of Fish) | Additional $175 per Session

Explore coding and engineering design principles by arming a Sphero robot. Teams will work collaboratively to prepare their robot for battle!
*Please note: this program requires ample floor space.

Use principles of physics and engineering to design and build a parachute and zipline. Can your team successfully engineer a safe rescue?

Explore a few amazing women who have helped the field of astronomy! Build your own telescope, learn how food gets to space and design a space suit.

Work in groups to build a video game character and the world they live in using Bloxels (pixel blocks). Then, bring your creations to life and test out your unique-to-you video game!

Explore the concepts of gravity, motion and energy while completing various roller coaster design challenges—including loops and corkscrews!

Water is a commodity that can’t be wasted! Use planning, prototyping and teamwork to help Arizona’s urban and rural communities utilize their water sources.

A zombie virus has infected your class! Learn about epidemiology by working as a class to track the spread of the virus. Then, work in small groups to create a vaccine.