We bring the science to your classroom! Science on Wheels Workshops consist of hands-on, grade-specific content based on Arizona State Education Standards. They are designed for a single class or similarly-sized group.

Each Science on Wheels program for grades 2-3 is designed for up to 30 participants and is approximately 60 minutes per sessions. The first session costs $300, and each additional session costs $225*.

*Discounted sessions/hours must be the same Workshop on the same day.

For more information or to schedule a program, please fill out the reservations request form.

Grades 2-3 Programs Packet | Reservations Request Form


We're going to have a blast! Design, build and test your own rockets using a specially-engineered stomp rocket launch pad.

Ready for launch! Design, build and test your own rockets using a specially-engineered stomp rocket launch pad.

Investigate the properties of various solid, liquid and gas chemicals, and explore the mysterious changes that occur when they are combined. You won’t believe this color-changing chemistry isn’t magic!

Learn how to code in a fun and interactive way! Guide Dash, the robot, through various challenges by coding them with a tablet.

Use principles of physics and engineering to design and build a parachute and zipline. Can your team successfully engineer a safe rescue?

Observe real rocks and minerals and test their hardness on the Mohs hardness scale. Plus, learn about Arizona’s unique relationship with rocks by forming a mining company that digs for copper and other minerals.

How do owls move so quietly, why do they turn their heads so much and what do they eat? Learn about these fascinating birds of prey as we explore owl anatomy, diets and piece together clues left behind in their pellets!

Learn about simple machines, forces and the engineering design process as your team works together to build a ramp that will slow down a bouncy ball as it rolls to the end.

Discover characteristics of insects as you observe live critters, "see" like a bug and build a terrarium.

Learn how DNA serves as an instruction manual for our bodies while extracting real DNA from a strawberry and decoding the DNA of a "monster".

Learn about real-world chemistry as you investigate the relationship between pH and coral reefs. Plus, learn how to help our water systems by building a water filter to clean polluted water!

Explore the concepts of gravity, motion and energy while completing roller coaster design challenges.

Explore the star that provides light, heat and energy. Safely observe the Sun with solar telescopes and create art projects that harness its power!

Learn all about coding with Sphero robots. Create a unique maze and challenge your classmates to direct their robots through it.
*Please note: this program requires ample floor space.

Explore the longest system in the human body: the digestive system! This hands-on program illustrates how food travels through our bodies and gives us the nutrients we need to survive.

Water is a commodity that can’t be wasted! Use planning, prototyping and teamwork to help Arizona’s urban and rural communities utilize their water sources.