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Thank you for joining us for CAMP INNOVATION Summer 2020. Until we announce new dates, stay CONNECTed with us via our STEM Clubs! Investigate STEM concepts and put your skills to the test through engaging science-related challenges. To learn more click here.

STEM Clubs for Grades K-6

$39.99 per month

Select a day and time in your grade band, and meet with an instructor from Arizona Science Center once a week via Zoom for hands-on STEM activities!

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Maker Kits

$39.99 per month

Take your STEM learning to the next level! Each monthly box contains everything you need to amplify your CONNECTion with a hands-on build.

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Meet our Partner: Established in 1997, Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) is an internationally recognized nonprofit that conducts research, provides evidence-based practices, disseminates effective training and builds inclusive communities. SARRC is partnering with CAMP INNOVATION for the second year to provide support and training on inclusive practices for Arizona Science Center camp instructors, helping us provide the best experience for all campers.

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Virtual Camps

"Priya loved your Future Scientists camp so much. Your way of presenting/interaction and everything. She used to wait for the session to start every day morning. We all thank you for making the camp so great."

"Thank you so much! The instructors were so well-prepared. The activities were very engaging. The kids had a lot of fun. Thanks to the instructors for making it work during this difficult time!! "

"My son attended all 4 virtual sessions - and loved them all. The instructors were great, especially Miss Denise. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity - my expectations were exceeded!"

"We loved this camp and the instructors! Our kids had so much fun with the projects that were creative and challenging. Thank you for doing such a great job with virtual camps!"

"Hannah and Cole did really well interacting with the students, keeping them engaged and on task and stepping to refocus distracting behavior in a positive way. I appreciate the redistribution of students based on age."

"Both instructors were very good, extremely knowledgeable, and interacted very well with all of the children. They were able to call out each child for something positive each day, and always took the time to help whenever it was needed."


In-Person Camps

"The kids became more adaptable to new environments after a great experience at CAMP INNOVATION... it was their first camp away from their own preschool and they were so comfortable at the Science Center, I think it eased the next few camps we did this summer."

"The kids both brought up things they learned, my youngest son talked about dissecting a scorpion and my older son talked about energy conservation and what they built in class. The camp had a positive impact on them."

"He keeps bringing up facts he learned there out of the blue that are relevant to what we are doing! Cool!"

"She loved learning about astronomy inside the science center–new interest!"

"He wants to be a neuroscientist after doing the BNI camp"

"Thank you for an amazing experience! Lindsay was challenged daily and absolutely loved gaining deeper insight into research and science in general. Arizona Science Center has the most knowledgeable staff I have ever encountered during summer camps. We are definitely returning next year!"

"The location is wonderful, it is a very nice feature to be able to visit the Science Center. The topics are really interesting and unique - can't find this anywhere else."

"Please continue these one-day camps on holidays. Its perfect for curious children with working parents."

"My children were excited to share what they learned and what they made. They had fun with the other students. They asked to go to the next camp." 

"My daughter rated the camp a 10 out of 10. This is the second camp she has attended at the ASC and it won't be our last. I love the option of one-day camps on holidays and the variety of subjects covered at the camps." 

"Even my 7-year-old, who was tentative about going without knowing anyone, had a great time."


Arizona Science Center is not licensed under the laws of this state as a child care facility.