See what others are saying about their experience meeting Victoria, the second-largest most complete T. rex in the world.

"Rawr! Victoria the T. rex was absolutely spectacular to see! And knowing that Phoenix got to have her is such a special treat." – Lavinia C., Scottsdale

 "Victoria is stunning! When you see her in person, it's almost kind of unfathomable how tremendous she is. And imagine her remaining in such fantastic condition being buried for all these years!" – Mike D., Phoenix

"Ey Victoria, you were such an amazing sight! When I first stepped into the room, I was taken aback on how majestic the display actually was. My friend and I also enjoyed the various interactive exhibitions (e.g., smell like Victoria, create your own virtual T-rex). Before we knew it, we have spent close to an hour!" – Hardian T. Phoenix

"Today we went to see Victoria. I wasn't very excited about seeing her, but I knew Tav would love it. However, as soon as we walked in to see her, I was star struck. To think she roamed the earth millions of years ago right around the corner in South Dakota, mind-blowing. Victoria you are one unforgettable lady with a pretty sweet logo. She is a traveling exhibit, so if she visits your town, she is a must-see!! – Parentswithpassports, Instagram

Only at Arizona Science Center. Don’t wait, Victoria leaves January 3, 2021!