Victoria the T. rex provides an unprecedented look at the life and death of Victoria:

Meet Victoria: The centerpiece is Victoria’s real, 66-million-year old skeleton. Through state-of-the-art technologies, visitors can take an in-depth look at Victoria’s unique features and pathologies.

Create Victoria: Visitors can create their very own personalized hologram of Victoria. Create a scientifically accurate version (or one that’s just for fun!) and watch her come to life on the big screen.

Become Victoria: How did Victoria live? How did her sense of vision and smell compare to ours? What did she sound like? Through a series of interactive installations, visitors can get a sense of how Victoria experienced the world.

Watch Victoria: Using 3D projection mapping technology, visitors will see Victoria in her natural environment in scenes that portray her as a mother, hunter and protector.

Experience Victoria: Step into Victoria’s world,66 million years ago. This breathtaking journey takes visitors back to the Cretaceous period as they watch Victoria’s story unfold in her natural habitat.