November 18, 2017–May 28, 2018


On August 24, 79 A.D., the Roman city of Pompeii was frozen in time by the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, burying everything in its path for more than 1700 years. The same ash and debris from Vesuvius’ unpredicted eruption that destroyed the city also remarkably preserved it.  

In this blockbuster exhibition, guests become time travelers, transported to the bustling commercial port and strategic military and trading center of Pompeii. Over 200 precious artifacts on loan from the unparalleled collection of the Naples National Archaeological Museum in Italy, including wall-sized frescoes, mosaics, marble and bronze sculptures, jewelry, statues and ancient Roman coins, bring to life how Pompeii’s people lived, loved, work, worshiped and celebrated. In perhaps the most powerful portion of the exhibition, exquisite body casts of adults and children vividly communicate the emotions of the victims.

POMPEII: THE EXHIBITION requires a timed-entry ticket and purchase of general admission. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Guests can purchase tickets online or in person at Arizona Science Center. 

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