Questions About Mummies

Through modern science, engaging interactives and multimedia exhibits, Mummies of the World reveals how the scientific study of mummies provides a window into the lives of ancient people from every region of the world, offering unprecedented insights into past cultures and civilizations. The exhibition’s electronic and mechanical interactive displays allow visitors to experience mummies like never before.

An interactive world map shows how mummies created through natural processes and intentional practices have been found all over the world and in many different extreme environments, including deserts, bogs, caves and salt deposits. A timeline explains how the mummies in this exhibition fit in with our understanding of mummies and their history.

An interactive station allows visitors to experience what bog bones, bog skin, embalmed skin, linen bandage wrapping and mummified animal fur feel like.

A video browser shows how decomposition happens on a variety of organisms.

The Mummyologist’s™ Tool Kit demonstrates how researchers study mummies through methods such as visual inspection, X-­‐rays, CT scans, DNA analysis, radiocarbon dating, rapid prototyping and stable isotope analysis.

A touch screen interactive shows how CT scans offer more depth than two-­‐ dimensional X-­‐rays, and teach amateur mummyologists™ how to read them.

Scroll through a compilation of the spells, hymns and instructions in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which help lead the deceased through the obstacles of the afterlife – including gods, monsters, and confusing pathways on the way to eternal life.