• The Vac Mummies, a mummified family from Hungary believed to have died from tuberculosis, preserved in a small church until the remains of 265 mummies were discovered by a bricklayer during repair work in 1994.

    • Baron Von Holz, a German nobleman found tucked away in the family crypt of 14th century castle wearing his best boots after perishing in the castle while seeking refuge from the Thirty Years' War.

    • Egyptian animal mummies including a cat, a falcon, and a fish.  Many of which were deliberately preserved to accompany royals for eternity.

    • MUMAB, the first authentic replication of the 2800-year-old Egyptian mummification process, performed on a deceased Maryland man in 1994 using the same tools and methods as described on ancient Egyptian papyrus.

Mummies of the World is the must-see exhibition of 2019.

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