CREATE offers Basic Use and Safety Classes. These classes are basic and focus on the use of equipment, safety and protocol, and are required to become a Pass Holder or take intermediate and advanced workshops. Those between the ages of 13–17 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 13 years of age are restricted to age-appropriate workshops, special events and staff-supervised tours.

Workshops will provide in-–depth instruction for more complex projects as well as the proper procedures for using the tools, technology and software in the space. All guests are required to take an introductory/safety class and sign a Waiver and Release of Liability prior to taking an intermediate or advanced class. 

Intro to Laser Cutting

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  • June 2018

Saturday June 30, 2018   1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Guests have the opportunity to learn how to use a laser cutter to cut, etch, and engrave designs in a variety of materials like acrylic, glass, metal, wood, paper, plastic, rubber, or stone.  In this introductory workshop guests will personalize a design and watch as this versatile tool cuts and engraves at the touch of a button.

Space is limited! Great workshop for beginners. Workshop is open to ages 13–17 with a guardian or must be 18 and over. Safety glasses are required.

This workshop is required for intermediate and advanced workshops or independent use.

Price: $50 per person

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Intro to 3D Printing

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  • June 2018

Sunday June 24, 2018   1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Thursday June 28, 2018   2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Interested in 3D Printing and don’t know where to start? In this hands-on class guests will quickly and easily create a physical object from a computer model using a Printerbot 3D printer. This session will highlight the role of 3D printing as applies to sustainable materials and practices. By the end of session, guests will have all the information and knowledge necessary to use these machines and have the opportunity to take home their very own 3D-designed object!

Space is limited.  Great class for beginners.  Class is open to ages 13 –17 with a guardian or must be 18 and over.

Price: $50

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Intro to Woodworking

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  • June 2018

Friday June 22, 2018   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

In this introductory workshop guests will learn the fundamentals of woodworking and how to safely operate the core woodshop tools. Guests get concrete, hands-on experience with using a drill press, bandsaw, belt and disk sanders while building a small wooden shelf. Learn to make mitered cuts, curved cuts, smooth edges, and drill holes.

Space is limited! Great workshop for beginners.  Workshop is open to ages 13 –17 with a guardian or must be 18 and over. Safety glasses, short sleeves, and closed-toed shoes are required.  Hearing protection and dust mask advised.

Participants ages 13 - 17 must be accompanied by a ticketed adult for Intro to Woodworking.

Price: $55

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Intro to Shopbot

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  • June 2018

Thursday June 21, 2018   1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Friday June 29, 2018   5:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Prequisite Intro to Woodworking

In this class, guests will learn the basics of using a 5' by 10' Shopbot CNC Router. Upon completion of this class, pass-holders will be able to reserve and use the Shopbot for individual projects.  This course covers basic safety, machine terminology, approved materials, basic start-up/shut-down procedure, loading a design into VCarve Pro software, and customizing and fabricating a design.

Price $55

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Always arrive at least 15 minutes before workshops begin. Workshops start promptly at the designated start time. Out of respect for instructors and other students, late arrivals are not permitted to participate and workshop fees will not be refunded. 

Bring photo I.D.  A photo I.D. is required to enter the workshop. 

All guests must sign a Waiver and Release of Liability

Be ready to participate. Cell phones must be turned off during workshops. 

Improper use of the equipment or students who are disruptive or distracted will be asked to leave the workshop, and there will be no refunds. 


CREATE wants to ensure safety at all costs. For this reason, we have a designated dress code and require that safety equipment be worn in certain areas of the workshops. Please read the following and dress appropriately for your class: 

Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times, in all areas. 

When using most power tools, especially drills, saws, mills and lathes, you must wear short-sleeved shirts, pull back long hair securely and remove any hanging jewelry. 

Check your workshop listing for mandatory and advisable safety equipment. Equipment or clothing listed as mandatory must be worn or used while working with that equipment or taking that workshop. CREATE will supply safety glasses, earplugs and safety gloves, but we advise you bring your own if you have them to ensure everyone is accommodated. 

For your own safety, you will not be allowed to attend a workshop if your attire is deemed inappropriate. If you have any questions about your class or what to wear, please contact Additional information about required and recommended safety equipment and clothing is listed in the workshop descriptions.


A refund or a class credit may be provided only if you call to cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the workshop.

If you arrive after the start time, you will not be permitted to participate and your workshop fees will not be refunded. If you fail to show up, your workshop fees will not be refunded. There are no refunds, transfers, make-ups or deferments for missed workshops.

Please note, CREATE reserves the right to cancel workshops for any reason. Students enrolled in a workshop that is canceled will be notified by phone or email if a valid phone or email address has been provided. Students enrolled in a canceled workshop will be offered a class credit or refund.

For questions or to request a refund, contact