A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature

Explore nature's puzzles, patterns and mazes.

Discover the incredible patterns in nature. They surround us everywhere, revealing fascinating and surprising clues about this amazing planet. You just have to know where to look for them. 

A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature promises to be a great summer experience in which you will discover things about our fascinating world you never knew or imagined.

A Mirror Maze: Numbers In Nature Pricing
$8.95 Adult and Children (3–17)
General Admission: Adults: $18  |  Children (3–17):  $13
General admission is required to visit the featured exhibition. 

Arizona Science Center Members 
$6.95 Adults and Children (3–17)
Arizona Science Center members receive FREE general admission to the Center's permanent exhibits. 

Groups of 15+
$6.00 Adults and Children (3–17)


Mirror Maze at Arizona Science Center runs 6/30 through 9/4

Fun and Fascinating Things You'll Experience In This Outstanding New Exhibition

  • Explore one of the most challenging mirror maze --1800 sq. ft. of infinitely repeating mirrors. Can you find the secret room and hidden surprises?
  • Learn how nature's spirals help hungry hawks find their unwitting prey.
  • Interact with the famous Vitruvian Man, a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci illustrates the human body's ideal math proportions. 
  • Understand how symmetry make each of our faces unique. 
  • Find out what helped Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps swim faster than, well, everybody in the world.
  • How Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff was "hands down" one of the best pianists ever.
  • Compare the surprising common links between modern architecture and the 1500-year-old Greek Parthenon.
  • Uncover the technology that keeps robots from bumping into things.
  • Turn random musical notes into world-class symphonies.
  • Create a melodic, pattern-based piece of music. 

There's so much for you to see.


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Start Your Adventure with Arizona's Most Spectacular Mirror Maze.

Imagine: a seemingly infinite mirror maze that will keep you guessing and laughing as you try to find your way through a repeating pattern of mirrors. It's your introduction to symmetry and tessellation that demonstrate how patterns and math are integral to our lives.

Navigate around twists and turns, past dead ends, up one pathway and down another. See if you can discover the small, secret room with bonus puzzles and artifacts. Not everyone will find this room -- can you? 

Search, laugh, and find your way out of the maze. If you get lost, simply follow the squeals of delight as your fellow maze-travelers discover the not-so-obvious exits. You've never had so much fun in front of a mirror before, especially not 1800 sq.ft. of mirrors. 

best selfie spot in Phoenix

Don't forget your cell phone. This spectacular mirror maze is the best selfie spot in the city!

Discover patterns everywhere. 

Once you've found the exit of the maze, step inside an immersive theater with a massively large screen. Through the numerous interactive displays, you'll come to appreciate how patterns and math are the building blocks of life.

Math was never so much fun. 

Watch colorful footage of nature, the human body, art and architecture. Suddenly you begin to understand the logical, predictable patterns in life, often hidden in plain sight, forming endless variations that are as similar as they are diverse. Learning was never so intriguing or eye-opening. 


  Phoenix mirror maze

Where else can you measure your own wingspan, or view the blood vessels in your eyes? 

Create huge, computer-generated landscapes like those you've seen in Hollywood movies. Make a mountain out of a simple triangle. Grow a tree that develops new branches every time you twist a knob.

Play a multi-string harp with results that would make your grandmother beam with pride. Create a piece of music using symmetry, and listen to the applause as your masterpiece plays back to you.

Understand how swimmer Michael Phelps' body ratio helped him become one of the most celebrated Olympian athletes of all time. Is your body ratio like Michael's? Let's find out!

Create amazing 3D models of simple pine cones, artichokes, tortoise shells and more. 

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Discover the surprising, though entirely natural patterns that have inspired architects thousands of years ago and still do today. The similarities between ancient and modern buildings will amaze you. 

For guests of all ages, A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature is a unique opportunity to see the world in a new way by better understanding the patterns that surround us, from the intricately nested spirals of a sunflower seed to the not-so-random spots on a giraffe's fur. 

It's not just about nature. It's about life.