The mission of Arizona Science Center is to inspire, educate and engage curious minds through science.


Our vision is to be a global leader in creating relevant and engaging science experiences that foster a community where people understand science, technology, engineering and math as a way to inform decision-making and enrich their lives.


By 2020, Arizona Science Center will be a leader in helping to prepare future leaders to address local and global issues that require science understanding. We will prime a talented STEM workforce that seeks higher education, encourages innovation and inventors and prepares our students for careers and adulthood.  


Heightening awareness about the importance of science understanding in solving some of today’s most pressing issues is essential. Positioning Arizona Science Center as more than just a fun place to visit, but also as a central voice in providing access, inspiration and opportunities to the next generation workforce is part of the Center’s ambitious vision for the future.

Of equal importance is that quality STEM training results in tech-savvy critical thinkers and problem solvers, and enables next generation innovators and inventors. Arizona Science Center Board and Staff believe all of Arizona’s young people should be afforded an opportunity to become leaders who can play a role in the opportunities and challenges of the nation and world, both today and tomorrow.


Here is an overview of the four pillars that comprise the Center’s 2020 Strategic Vision:

Pillar One

Customer Focused Organization
Arizona Science Center will organize around our customer – both current and future -  using data and insights to build programs and experiences that are in demand.

Pillar Two

Engaging Science Experiences
Arizona Science Center will make science learning fun and accessible by creating a place to invent, innovate and interact. This will position us as an essential solutions-based provider for extended classroom learning and public engagement with science.

Pillar Three

Culture of Excellence
Arizona Science Center believes that our people are our #1 asset. They are at the forefront of delivering amazing science experiences to our visitors. We will create a consistent organizational culture of excellence that attracts, develops and retains the top talent who bring the Center's values and mission to life each day.

Pillar Four

Long-Term Financial Sustainability 
Arizona Science Center has a long history of financial excellence and an innovative business model. We will continue this legacy by strengthening sustainable, diversified revenue streams and increasing capital to enable our business model to be viable in the long-term. By doing so, we will continue to serve the community with relevant, engaging and accessible STEM experiences.