Pathways to Medical Discovery for Educators

Learn about the latest health science discoveries through in-house lab experiences, gallery demonstrations, kid-friendly talks, school-based outreach programs and more. (Internet Explorer and Google Chrome Internet browsers are best for viewing PDFs)

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Step Into the Future of Medicine as DOCTOR KNOW!

Virtually get to know how biomedical innovations are transforming medicine. Play DOCTOR KNOW now to diagnose and treat patients using a cutting-edge toolkit of tests and treatments!

Pathways Outreach

Grades 6-8
50 minutes
$150 per session.

Let our Outreach staff travel to your middle school to deliver thrilling scientific experiences!

Stranded! What to Eat?
Students conduct hands-on chemistry experiments in a desert-island scenario as the lean about food as a supplier of energy.

Patient Profilers
Students learn about the latest advances in personalized cancer treatment as the are challenged to prescribe the right medication for the patients.

Disease Detectives
Students diagnose patients by finding patterns in "saliva" molecules using futuristic sensor arrays.

Call our Reservations department to have us come out to your school. Learn more about our Outreach programs here.

What's Lurking in Lunch? Printable Board Game

Teach your students to understand the field of epidemiology. In a mystery-solving game, players are challenged to discover the cause of a foodborne illness outbreak.

-Lurking Lunch Game Board
-Culprit-Food Cards
-Test-Location-Pathogen Cards
-Player Guide
-Facilitator Guide

Body Depot Lab Space

Set within the Center’s All About Me biological galleries, the Body Depot serves as the focal point for many New Pathways to Medical Discovery activities, including gallery lab experiences and lecture series. In addition, it offers hands-on table-top activities such as exploring how a microscope works.

Body Depot Gallery Lab Experiences

FIELD TRIP LABS: During field trips, students can participate in one of the following 45-minute, hands-on, facilitated lab experiences: Busy Bones, Monster Manual, Venom, and Nano Latch-n-Catch. Teachers must reserve labs through the Reservations Department when setting up the field trip. Contact Reservations at 602.716.2028 or email at least two weeks in advance. Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Theatrical Demonstrations

Join us for these engaging, 20-minute theatrical demonstrations that feature new topics in biomedical research. Demonstrations are led by Science Center gallery staff and are performed by guests.
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    Cell-ebrity Spotlight

    A veriety show host interviews a cellular superstar about spectacular feats performed by the body, each second, to keep us alive and healthy.

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    Microbes:  The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    To avoid using antibiotics and harming your helpful bacterial residents, see how an engineered virus plays the part of nanomedicine sheriff to fight specific bacterial bandits during an infection.

    Download the background information

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    Viral Attack: Your Cleanup Crew To the Rescue!

    This demonstration teaches that the body's immune system is a complex series of cells and signals that respond to pathogen attack. Audience participants help bring this process to life! Ask a biologist for even more in depth information about Viral Attack!

    Download the background information.