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Kilimanjaro: To The Roof of Africa 2D 12:00 P.M., 3:00 P.M.
Great White Shark 3D 11 A.M., 1 P.M., 2 P.M., 4 P.M.

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Enjoy state-of-the-art sound, seating and picture at Arizona Science Center's 280-seat IMAX Theater. Two films run daily on our 5-story screen where you will be whisked away to the far reaches of the world in either standard or 3D format.

All showtimes are subject to change without notice.
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    Kilimanjaro: To The Roof of Africa 2D

    Through the eyes of a team of five trekkers and a local African guide, learn of the hardships and rewards of climbing this great mountain and explore the mountain’s delicate ecosystems and natural history along the way. Travel from a lush green rainforest in a tropical jungle, upward through a dense blanket of clouds to an enchanting forest of giant plans. Cross over barren desert plains and wind-sheared rock toward brilliant snowfields and glaciers atop gaping volcanic craters. Finally reach the cold, icy summit, where the team celebrates the most challenging event of their lives.

    Kilimanjaro: To the Roof of Africa is a David Breashears Film, Produced by Kilimanjaro Inc. in collaboration with the Houston Museum of Natural Science; Museum of Science, Boston; and Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo.

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    Great White Shark 3D

    Misrepresented, maligned and misunderstood, the Great White Shark is an iconic predator: the creature we love to fear. Great White Shark 3D will explore the Great White’s place in our imaginations, in our fears, and in the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. Great White Shark 3D aims to reveal the strength and beauty of these animals by looking through the eyes of those who have been touched by their shark encounters- Mike Rutzen, South African shark operator, who swims with Great Whites in the aptly named Shark Alley, Dr. Chris Lowe who has been tagging juvenile white sharks off the coast of Los Angeles, revealing more and more of their secret life, and two record breaking free-divers, Frederic Buyle and William Winram, who tag Great Whites by simply holding their breath and free diving with the sharks.

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