Snow Week

Snow Week

Dec. 26, 2013 - Jan. 1, 2014

How much fun would tons of snow in downtown Phoenix be? Never stop wondering during Snow Week at Arizona Science Center! We've celebrating the season with 30+ tons of snow in Heritage and Science Park, ice sculptures, gingerbread houses, candy day, IMAX® "Penguins 3D," and so much more! Keep wondering about snow and all its wonders.

Ice Worlds will be playing in the Dorrance Planetarium only for Snow Week! Ice Worlds explores the Earth's polar icecaps and draws parallels with ice on planets and moons elsewhere in the solar system. Planetary Visions worked with the latest satellite image and terrain data from Antarctica to produce four stunning immersive animation sequences. As well as cutting through the Antarctic Icecap to reveal the bedrock beneath, the sequences show flights over the Antarctic Peninsula, the Ross Sea and Mount Erebus.

Members-only Snow Week Exclusive: All members can enjoy Arizona Science Center at 9 a.m.—one hour earlier than the general public! Please check-in at the Member Zone when you arrive for the day.

Thursday, Dec. 26: Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
Arizona Science Center's first day of Snow Week! Kids in snowy cities experience snow, so why not have our own Phoenician snow week! Come and play in the snow! Bring your Holiday Gingerbread House to show off to guests in the lobby area until New Year's Day! See cool experiments including Hot Ice and Exploding Suds!

Friday, Dec. 27: Candy Day
On the second day of Snow Week 2013, nothing can be sweeter than Candy Day! Who doesn't love sweets during the Holidays and maybe a bit of spice? Decorate sugar cookies and help us create our Solar System Wall. Other activities will include "Scents of the Season" and Gum Drop Domes, Candypult and watch the Candy Cane Flare experiment!

Saturday, Dec. 28: Gingerbread House Building Day
Chill with family and friends while building gingerbread houses or create a snowman with unexpected materials! Guests will be able to build gingerbread houses* or help us build an igloo made out of plastic bags! Community partners to be present with fun holiday activities! *Limited seating.

Sunday, Dec. 29: Winter Wonderland Celebration
Join Arizona Science Center and holiday partners in a Winter Celebration! Snowball Tournament happening on the Canyon Terrace! Get ready for the craziest dodgeball family game at Arizona Science Center. Compete against other guests on the Canyon Terrace and win prizes! Snowballs will be made out of yarn and safe for kids to play in the tournament. Community partners will be present with fun holiday activities!

Monday, Dec. 30: Winter Animals Wonders
Ever wonder how animals that live in the snow keep warm? Learn about animals that live in cold wintry environments including penguins! Watch Penguins 3D in our 5-story IMAX Theater and test your penguin skills and try walking like a penguin! What does a polar bear say?

Tuesday, Dec. 31: Sounds of the Season
Ring in the New Year with music at Arizona Science Center! Learn about instruments and the sounds of the wild. Make noise makers, create hand-made instruments, and learn how music affects the brain! Community partners present with special activities.

Somewhere around the World, it's struck midnight! Create noise makers and celebrate with other guests 2014! Also, wear traditional attire from your family cultural background and tell us about it! A special All Around the World New Year's Eve Celebration for families happening at 2:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 1 Science behind Winter Olympics
2014 Winter Olympics are coming! Learn the science behind your favorite winter sports and get ready to cheer our USA Team. Ever wonder how the Olympic flame torch stays lite? Learn the science behind Winter Olympic sports including trying your skills at our Tobogaan Sled Speedsters area!

All programs and events are subject to change without notice.

Times of activities and events will vary daily.