All About Me

All About Me

You’ve wondered about it. Now see, hear and smell how your body works – from the inside out.

Get ready to:
  • Walk through an enormous “working” stomach, complete with the sights, sounds and smells of the digestive process.
  • Watch surgeries being performed, featuring the techniques of Dr. Edward B. Diethrich, in the Heart Surgery Theater
  • Test your heart muscles in our Wheelchair Racers
  • Explore the systems of the human body - from defense and immunity to cardio and pulmonary, digestive and skeletal
  • Hear your actual heartbeat as it is translated into sound on a bass drum

Plus, plan to attend exciting, live science demonstrations in the new Daniel Cracchiolo Theater. This stage comes to life six times daily with scientific demonstrations. From eyeballs to explosions, each demonstration incorporates audience volunteers to roll up their sleeves as they question everything.

Want to HEAR more about All About Me?

Through our wonderful partnership with the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network we’ve created a nano-themed podcast ready for your enjoyment!